Little Wig Shop. You Are Here 2014 Kingsgate Project Space. London (UK)



Since the very start, I knew I wanted to talk about the vulnerability and the hidden elements in life. I used the movie ”Little Shop of horrors” directed by Roger Corman as a strong reference throughout the site-specific project. The chaotic beauty of the shop (“Kiaz Afro Cosmetics”) amused me and it became the perfect scenario for my piece “Little Wig Shop”.

Plastic masks made of pictures of magazines, newspapers, famous celebrities and myself; a 3D collage, a hybrid sculpture that explores the representation, the use of images and the concept of beauty. For me the sculptures are a mirror of society, a way to laugh at the images we consume. While digesting those imposed ideals we modify ourselves becoming unrecognisable.

You are Here – in Kilburn from Anna Bowman on Vimeo.


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You Are Here is an experience-based art project that will take place at Kingsgate Project Space and independent shops, cafes and public spaces along Kilburn High Road during October and November 2014.
Organised by Camden Arts Centre’s Front of House Volunteers, this project is supported by Camden Arts Centre and Kingsgate Workshops Trust and aims to develop and nurture young artists, curators, art educators and administrators of the future.This year’s volunteers are:

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