Portraits from here and there. Quito (Ecuador)

AliciaRoyAwarded by Galería No Lugar (Ecuador, Quito). Art Residency.

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“Portraits from here and there” verses around the importance of immigration. No Lugar Gallery granted me with an art residency to be in Quito for over a month and create a series of pieces, which were exhibited in the gallery space. Using the immigration phenomena that have occurred in Spain, those Ecuadorians that strongly contributed to our recent history were the starting point. During my residency in Quito I documented the life of an Ecuadorian lady that left her hometown Quito over 10 year ago and had to return in 2014 back to Ecuador due to the heavy financial crisis in Spain. To get her life back in the suburbs of Quito was not an easy transition, she feels Spanish and wants to go back to Spain, place she considers her home, again soon.


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