Zerbrechlich wie Glas. Colombo Art Biennale 2016 (Sri Lanka)

Title: Zerbrechlich wie Glas (Breakable like glass)
Material: Collage (plastic, cardboard, fabric)
Size: 1.9 m x 1.9m
Year: 2016 (on going)


 The piece ”Zerbrechlich wie Glas” researches visually around the relation between space, context and objects. Making use of plastic, cardboard, paper and fabric, sewed and assembled, the piece comes together in the space as a sculpture, a collage.

Transformation is key to the work; it will be an on-going, changing object and it is therefore the process that really matters. And so in a nutshell, ”Zerbrechlich wie Glas” is a process in itself. Sewing and materials such as fabric/cloth have become a constant in my work as well as reusing things that seem to be obsolete and have been disposed of. The sewed materials are pieces of packaging, which were the consequence of acquiring a product but are now devoid of the product itself. They depict the amount of extra resources we invest in our purchases as collateral damage of our economic activity. What those abandoned plastics and boxes were used for before is not relevant any more, we successfully remove their initial meaning.

”Zerbrechlich wie Glas” is a visual essay in which the artist explores composition in an abstract, expressive and repetitive attempt to find melody in the shapes, with the use of materials that do not have a given meaning but are impersonal and of a raw nature. This helps in the search to re-imagine the traditional relation to boundaries and engagement, including the distinction between public and private space. In a way, it reminds us of the decay and collateral waste that human beings generate. Making it a piece that evolves with time, adding new layers of local material, stories and experiences allows the audience to relate to the installation.

It is a constantly evolving and growing artefact, the starting point of which is Colombo. The exhibition space ”Cube out of the Box” has also been recycled and given a new use. The mobile and multi-functional nature of the cube will allow the exhibition space to be moved to diverse locations during CAB 2016. For the Cube this is also a starting point, as it is the first time it will be used for its new purpose.


zerbrechlich-wie-glas_aroy10 zerbrechlich-wie-glas_aroy11 zerbrechlich-wie-glas_aroy12

 Colombo Art Biennale

CoCA Collective of Contemporary Artist


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