Obsolete Objects

Obsolete objects – artificial forms that generate dialogues between objects, colours and shapes in space. I portray those dialogues and tensions in a series of paintings and sculptures with which I create new compositions, forms and objects. They look like still-life paintings on a large scale. It was through the contemplation of the current political structure that the process and creation of obsolete objects came to life: portraying democracy as an obsolete object; the European Union as a dream, no longer useful, obsolete, disposable, broken. The sculptures may seem like everyday objects, but when the audience looks closely they realize that they are of no use. They are unused forms, designs predestined to failure that remind us of roads without destination, elevators that lead nowhere, airports without travellers or planes. Paradoxes of our time, accelerated, we create structures that will inexorably end up in the bin, discarded or in landfill, or the ocean. Now it is our turn. Times are changing, and those in the past designed no longer serves us. We must create new forms that will also surely become obsolete objects for future generations.

IMG_0174_retoque IMG_0179_retoque IMG_0182_retoque IMG_0193_retoque IMG_0210_retoque IMG_0256 IMG_0264 IMG_0266_retoque IMG_0273 IMG_7150(1) IMG_7167 IMG_7171 IMG_7173


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